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Relaxation Massage

concentrates on reducing stress and tension through a variety of soothing massage techniques. This type of massage improves circulation and restores the balance of energy and sleep.    30 min. $55 60 min. $75 90 min $95 (prenatal massage falls under this category)
Deep Tissue Massage (And Sports Massage)

 This type of massage addresses a "problem area" using a variety of techniques that allow the therapist to go in deeper (At ITM ) I address the area with a cupping technique that gets in 4x deeper (IF you take blood thinners your not recommended this treatment) and you will get faster relief and benefit.  Achieving relief from tension and "knots". This helps to regain proper balance and increases mobility.

30 min. $55 60 min. $75 90 min $95
Hot stone Massage

Although I incorporate warm stones in all my massages as Therapeutic heat, this session is more of a pampering  in treatment. I will incorporate stones under you as well as layered over your body and incorporate warm stones with long gliding  massage strokes to relieve muscle tension as well as mental  tension, relieving any discomfort. 60 min. $85 90 min $110


The signature massage of Intuitive touch massage is a medley of various massage modalities, such as trigger point, neuromuscular, muscle energy technique , cupping and hot stone therapy all in corported with nice scents of aroma therapy  Your choice of scent of course. Lavender, peppermint, vanilla, just to name a few.
Also, if you have issues with TMJ (jaw from clenching and grinding this will be added into the massage (great for reduction of headaches), facial and sinus massage can be incorporated as well. 
30  min. $55  60 min. $75  90 min. $95
call for an appointment 617-755-1739
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